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Bringing your manufacturer data to life through point and click functions, Titan provides a complete and integrated way for sales people to control the sales process, produce contracts and manage costs and profitability.

Titan Vehicles is an integrated sales solution that allows for complete control and visibility of the entire sales process, bringing manufacturer data to life through point-and-click functions.

From the first moment a customer makes contact with the dealership, right through to a signed contract, Titan Vehicles provides the tools to maximise process efficiencies whilst ensuring a positive customer experience.

  • Single click invoicing to general ledger
  • Automatic production of service repair orders for accessory and pre-delivery work
  • View profitability as deals are built
  • Approval stages built into the sales process
  • Point-and-click windows-based functionality
With our vehicles, we saw immediate results. Due to Titan's integration and invoicing, the cars came straight down the line, so we saved a lot of time with manual processing stocking cars, putting all the information and invoices in.
Stuart Lanham .. - Dealer Principal, Lanhams of Leeton, NSW, Australia
[Ford • Hyundai • Mahindra • Suzuki • Chery]
Integration is the key

Many dealer management systems are simply databases for inputting data to store and print at a later time. The integration of data within the Titan DMS allows for all departments to work together, with information automatically populated where appropriate, allowing for greater control and instant modifications to meet dealer and manufacturer requirements.

35+ department specific reports included with Titan DMS

The profitability of a deal was once buried within end of month reporting. Titan Showroom allows staff to view profitability whilst the deals are being built, including full visibility of the effect of accessory fitment and factory options. This enables staff to make adjustments or negotiate with the customers before the deal is finalised, providing greater opportunities to upsell and manage costs.

Integration with other departments drives efficiency through automation. Service repair orders are automatically produced for the accessory and pre-delivery work, speeding up the delivery process and better managing work flows. Other areas benefiting from this integration include vehicle stock control, parts exchange management, and the ability for single click invoicing to general ledger.

Titan also has the ability to integrate with industry regulations, automatically allocating costs like transport and government fees based on the vehicle specifications and dealer location, ensuring accuracy of information and legislative compliance.

Titan’s complete and integrated solution empowers sales people to control the sales process, produce contracts and manage costs and profitability.

Titan Vehicles

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