Workshop efficiencies


Addressing all the requirements of the busiest of service departments, Titan gives visibility of technician and job status in a way that makes the control and monitoring of a workshop simple.

Employing a windows-based point-and-click interface, Titan uses innovative design and technology to integrate service with all other departments. Efficiencies are maximised through automated processes, simplistic visualisation of work-flows, and matches CRM campaigns with service delivery standards to increase customer retention.

Features & Benefits

Workflow visibility

Knowing the status of a job at any time during the day allows for staff to better manage changes in workloads or unforeseen customer demands. Titan’s Service Scheduler is a centralised location to overview a range of critical service functions, including scheduled work to be done, technician progress, repair order status, and vehicle status for any given day. Providing visibility to Service Advisors, Workshop Controllers, Foreman and Managers alike, Service Scheduler can be used in the traditional line/task view format, or dedicated screens can be added to the workshop floor to display the calendar format for easy referencing.


Easy technician clocking

Accessing a centralised terminal, technicians can log their work within three clicks. Whether clocking for works, breaks or even non-productive time, Titan tracks your technicians every move in one centralised location. Dealers can add even more efficiency to this process by adding the Technician Timeclock mobile app to their workflow, providing clocking capabilities wherever the technician is working.


Track and control incomplete repair orders

Maximise the service centre’s billing performance by simply monitoring works that have yet to be billed. Whether waiting on parts or customer approvals, or as a result of poor administration on the workshop floor; Titan’s Work In Progress Controller highlights actionable items for a more profitable department.


Bring the customer to you

As a holistic and all-encompassing dealer management system, Titan brings dealer departments together through a centralised database. This enables customer journeys to be monitored, managed, and nurtured, to increase retention, repeat business, and advocacy. By having an automated communication tool within the Titan CRM, dealers ensure timeliness and relevance of customer messages sent out (eg. service reminders, vehicle collection notifications, warranty recall announcements); but also delivering task allocation for follow-ups by staff.

Upsell opportunities

Understanding that the workshop is much more than just booking and service, Titan Service also manages workshop loading and work identification, with staff given the opportunity to upsell to the customer at any stage of their vehicle service cycle.


Automated accounting

As with other Titan products, the system allows for full costing and processing through to the General Ledger, decreasing user input to further increase efficiency and accuracy of data.


OEM integrations

A unique and innovative feature of Titan Service is the integration with OEM service menus. Understanding the needs of both the dealer and the manufacturer, Titan is continually driving the industry forward through integrated services – both internally and externally. The introduction of OEM service menus into Titan Service brings labour, parts and sundry requirements into a point-and-click interface giving accurate costs at the time of booking. In addition to service menus, Titan offers a selection of direct integrations with other manufacturer portals, including customer data, service history, and warranty claims.


Recall notification popups

Titan’s integration with manufacturers enables direct access to updates regarding warranty recalls direct into the DMS. Upon the creation of a new repair order, or even opening an existing repair order, should a recall notice be received from the manufacturer, Titan alerts the user to this within a popup. These notices can be closed for actioning later, or alternatively a simply click can add the works to the repair order automatically.

Previously, we had an issue in our service department. There was an order issue regarding parts - there was a $5K leakage every month. But the new Titan system doesn't allow this kind of thing to happen.
Sam Elabbasi ..... - Dealer Principal, Windsor Auto Group, NSW, Australia
[Hyundai • Nissan]

Titan Service

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