Service Quote Approval

Streamlining Customer Authorisation

Titan DMS is excited to announce the launch of Service Quote Approval1, a powerful feature that enhances customer authorisation in the automotive repair industry. With this innovative addition to our Titan DMS product suite, Service Advisors can now provide itemised quotes with supporting images and documents2 directly to customers, all from within the repair order screen within the DMS.

Service Quote Approval 2
Features & Benefits

Intuitive Customer Engagement

With just one-click, Service Advisors can send itemised quotes directly to customers, delivering a seamless and personalised customer experience.


Upselling Opportunities

Take advantage of additional line-items to offer customers upsells like a car detailing, or address any additional works required that has resulted from an investigation.


Customised Communication

Maintain brand integrity with workshop-level customisation of all SMS and email messages.


Line-Level Authorisations

Enable customers to authorise or decline individual job lines listed on their repair order, thanks to clearly itemised quotes.


Enhanced Authorisation Rates

Activate Media Storage+ in your Titan product suite to add image, videos, documents at the line-level, providing customers with supporting content and increasing authorisation rates.

Convenient Web Page Access

Customer can review quotes on any internet-supported device, ensuring greater reach and connectivity.


Real-Time Authorisation

All authorisations are sent back to the DMS automatically, offering real-time tracking for expedited works and comprehensive audit purposes.


Maximising Efficiency

Automated tasks are assigned to staff upon receiving authorisation, maximising efficiency on the workshop floor.


Comprehensive Reporting

System reports provide visibility of quotes sent out, along with their status, such as sent, resent, final reminder, approved, or declined.

Experience the quality of Titan DMS

Automated. Integrated. Expedited.

With Titan DMS, we’ve included all your core requirements to ensure a seamless automotive management solution.

Service Quote Approval takes customer authorisation to the next level, enabling Service Advisors to provide itemised quotes with supporting media, while maintaining real-time tracking and efficiency throughout the process.


1 Service Quote Approval is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates
2 Media Storage+ is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates
3 Any messages sent via SMS are charged at the existing SMS rates within the Titan DMS

Service Quote Approval

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