Parts Barcoding

Mobile Warehousing

The Titan DMS Parts Barcoding solution is a full end to end digital solution for every parts department.

Whether you are a low volume, regional operation or a high-volume distributor with a full warehouse operation, Parts Barcoding will help to streamline logistics to ensure the right part is available for the right customer at the right time.

Repeatable Results

Here are just a few immediate benefits that Titan customers have experienced following implementation of Titan’s Parts Barcoding solution:

Scanning barcodes to receipt parts, automatically matching to the order, for faster and more accurate processing.
  • Improved stocktake accuracy and efficiency through removing the need to Key and use paper and pen.
  • Easy identification of supply chain issues through a full audit of who picked what and when.
  • Immediate identification of parts received at the time of unpacking not matching the parts ordered.
  • Instantly improvement in parts availability through receipting parts on a line-by-line basis, allowing parts to be sold as they are unpacked.
  • Improved workload and storage management through superior handling of receipting split shipments from the OEM.
  • Digitisation of the put-away process ensuring parts are stored in the right location. No longer waiting for Stocktake to find parts that have been misplaced, stop the problem at the source.
  • Part Location changes becoming immediate with no keying required.
  • Improvements in CSI and a reduction in returns through an improvement in supply and picking accuracy.
Parts Barcoding In Action

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Parts Barcoding

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