Our Customers

With first-hand experiences across multiple franchise points, see what other dealers have to say about the range of Titan solutions.

Our Customers
OEM Integrations

Driving dealers globally, Titan provides the opportunity for dealers to interface directly with the manufacturer, delivering increased visibility, accuracy and efficiency across all areas of the business.

OEM Integrations
Third-Party Integrations

Alongside our all-inclusive OEM integrations, Titan DMS provides dealerships with access to hundreds of 3rd party integrations. With the freedom of flexibility, efficiency and agility, the possibilities are endless.

third party integrations
Our Distributors

Titan’s success in global markets showcases the products’ abilities to adapt to new markets whilst maintaining process integrity, and subsequently grow to match dealers’ (and manufacturers’) projected requirements for future development.

Additional Solutions

Offering a range of additional solutions to assist dealers with enhancing the performance of their business, Titan DMS continues to evolve with the automotive industry to continuously provide a best-practice software solution for all.

Titan is a leader in the DMS field, so they are definitely going to adapt with the changes in the industry, and I believe Titan will grow with the technological changes that are happening.
Stuart Lanham ....... - Dealer Principal, Lanhams of Leeton, NSW, Australia
[Ford • Hyundai • Mahindra • Suzuki • Chery]