Titan Data Nexus

Bespoke business intelligence

As dealer groups grow, consolidating more franchises, businesses, and other groups, requirements of data aggregation and manipulation becomes a higher priority.

Titan Data Nexus provides a safe and secure platform for dealer’s business intelligence tools to access real-time data, consolidating their dealer databases into a centralised and closed data warehouse.

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Features & Benefits

Centralised group reporting

Whether the business has one Titan database or many, access to data can be centralised through multiple connectors from within a dealers preferred BI tool, allowing for top-down data access and analysis.


System performance maintained

As the dealer group’s data is replicated within a new environment, the performance of the existing dealer systems are not affected. This allows intelligence tools to robustly access the data without fear of interrupting business operations.

Real-time data

Whilst many data warehouses provide daily updates of data, Titan Data Lake syncs information in near-real-time (15 minute log-shipping). Whether sourcing consolidated monthly reports or feeding a customised dashboard, there is no requirement to wait for the following business day before reviewing the data.


Safe and secure

Utilising the latest cloud storage and security, Titan Data Nexus delivers direct access to dealer data through secure BI connections.


Note: Titan Data Nexus is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates.

Titan Data Nexus

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