Titan API Connections

Unlocking dealership data

Exponentially increasing the opportunities for connectivity, Titan has now opened a gateway for other automotive solutions providers to access this dealership data: introducing Titan API Connections. Let’s take a closer look at what Titan API Connections could mean for your business.

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We tried many different providers however, Titan DMS' Stock API is one of the very few reliable and accurate sources in this space. It offers flexibility and, more importantly can be customised to suit your needs. We trust it and our clients haven't missed a beat.
Steve Gribble. - iAppraise
Features & Benefits

Open Integration

Whether partnering with a third-party supplier or building your own mobile apps and solutions, integrating with your dealer data is now within your hands. Titan delivers a gateway for solutions to connect directly with your data – without the need for Titan to participate in the development process.


Secure & Authorised

Not only does the data delivered through Titan’s APIs adhere to strict data security protocols, but suppliers must also seek permission to access Titan’s API gateway, as well as getting permission from you to access your dealership’s data.


Self-Serve Connection

By visiting Titan API Connection’s online developer portal, you’ll find full details on those API connections currently available, how to register for an API account, and the process to get you started.

Fast Dealer Activation

Once a supplier has an active connection to a Titan API (eg Vehicle Data), accessing your data to supply to their product is very quick – a simple authorisation form is all that’s needed to get your integration up and running!


Bi-directional Integration

Titan’s API Connections are not just centred around requesting and receiving data. Where appropriate, bi-directional connectivity is provided to allow direct and secure updates to your DMS.


New API Connections

Considerable investment has been made to deliver a robust, secure API solution for our customers, but it doesn’t end there. Development on new Titan’s API Connections will continue to grow based on customer requirements. If something is not there, register your interest for consideration in our API roadmap.


Note: Titan API Connections is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing and consumption rates

The flexibility and speed of the Titan DMS Appraisal API has been a god send for iAppraise and its clients. It allows for real-time updates to be carried out through the process in order to ensure that accurate data is being handled by all users.
Steve Gribble - iAppraise
Titan API Connections

Interested in learning more?

To see what Titan’s API Connections can bring to your dealership, discuss your requirements with your local solutions provider, or access Titan’s online developer portal direct for more information.


Titan’s API Developer Portal