Media Storage Plus

Multimedia capabilities for your DMS

Seamlessly integrated to the Titan suite of products; Media Storage Plus will streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity by transforming the way you store and manage your media files. Let’s take a closer look at what Media Storage Plus brings to the table.

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Features & Benefits

Centralised Cloud Storage

Say goodbye to scattered files and fragmented data. With this Titan data solution, you can now manage your media files within Titan DMS, ensuring easy access and seamless organisation.


Comprehensive Compatibility

Media Storage Plus seamlessly integrates with a range of Titan suite products, including Technician Timeclock, Service Quote Approval, and Parts Barcoding. This compatibility empowers you to maximise the potential of all our products in one cohesive ecosystem.


Effortless Repair Order Management

Managing repair orders becomes a breeze with Media Storage Plus. Attach videos or photos of issues via the desktop DMS, or through the mobile Technician Timeclock app, to submit to the OEM and validate warranty claims. Furthermore, you can send photos of the issue to customers for authorisation of repair works direct from the DMS using our Service Quote Approval feature.


Streamlined Authorisation Process

Our data storage solution allows you to securely attach signed order forms from customers authorising repair works. This ensures crystal-clear communication and eliminates any ambiguity in the process.

Enhanced Parts Order Visibility

Enabling customers to visually inspect the image and validate their order and enhance their overall experience. This feature reduces the likelihood of returns by ensuring accurate referencing, empowers them to make confident purchasing decisions, resulting in an improved customer experience and a streamlined purchase process.


Centralised Vehicle Sales Information

Simplify your customer information management by consolidating it in one convenient location. Store documents related to vehicle sales, such as signed contracts, and capture photos of customers collecting their cars for marketing purposes.


Effortless Profile Maintenance

Whether it’s customer profiles, creditors, debtors, or drivers; attach reference documents, technical papers, and employment proof with ease, ensuring all relevant information is readily accessible from within the DMS.


Ample File Size Allowance

Embrace the power of large media files with Media Storage Plus. Each file type allows for limits to be set, enabling you to store and manage high-quality content whilst still managing data storage and performance.

Discover the limitless possibilities of Media Storage Plus and enhance the way you manage your media files. Experience streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and unparalleled convenience. Join the future of efficient data storage with Titan today.


Note: Media Storage Plus is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates

Media Storage Plus

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