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Dealerships gather enormous amounts of data every day, allowing for greater reporting capabilities within the DMS to monitor and manage the business. But in many cases, there is simply too much data for one person or department to analyse, highlighting missed opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.

Dealer Analytics bridges the gap, crunching the numbers within the DMS to provide snapshots of key performance areas across multiple departments and dealerships.

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You can identify issues whilst you aren't at work, which is especially good for DPs and owners. You can have a quick look at how your business is running, whether you are in a meeting or on your lunch break. Knowing what's happening with a click of the button without being at any of the sites is so important for every dealer today.
Sam Elabbasi ...... - Dealer Principal, Windsor Auto Group, NSW, Australia
[Hyundai • Nissan]
Features & Benefits


Aged creditors and debtors shown by month, departmental performance at a glance, and bank reconciliation.



Separate dealership sites across reporting tabs to see individual performances, view year-to-date new and used vehicle sales, and follow performance averages of departments by week and month.



Monitor pre-sales performance by counting sales leads in real time.



Summarise parts inventory status including quantity on hand and quantity sold, review stock turn rate for the year and see parts sales as they are processed.


Status of vehicle services, and productivity and efficiency of technicians by workshop.



Highlighting under-performing areas that are hidden by positive high-level reports, including parts sales below cost, service jobs with no labour cost, and overdue vehicle deals.



Available only to high level staff, providing a high level financial view with cross-referencing to budgets and labour costs.



Dealer Analytics is a secure way to have real-time visibility of your dealership departments through simple visualisations, with the capability of drilling down to the itemised level.


Note: Dealer Analytics is an additional product from Titan, with additional licencing rates

Dealer Analytics

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