Complete sales process control


The DMS is now a pro-active member of the marketing team.

Creating workflows for how each department interacts with customers, Titan acts on automated DMS triggers and targeted campaigns to ensure that all customer contact is complete and consistent.

Increase your customer retention and manufacturer CSI through an integrated and complete CRM.

Developing customer campaigns from within Titan DMS enables you to automate your customer experience based on the specific requirements of your dealership and the manufacturer.

Oversee every message being sent or automate it completely for no staff involvement – the choice is yours.

  • Set-and-forget campaigns, with completely automated messaging
  • Personalise customer communications
  • Send SMS, generate letters, send emails, and schedule calls
  • Automate staff reminders to facilitate the entire sales life cycle
  • Cross-departmental integration
One of our key reasons for changing to Titan was the CRM system.
Belinda Stiles ...... - Dealer Principal, Rosenthal Automotive, SA, Australia
[Holden • Hyundai • Mazda • Mitsubishi]
Complete and consistent customer experience

The integrated campaign designer allows dealerships to implement consistent customer service processes across all departments, send communications direct from within the DMS, and automatically record all forms of contact with the customer, providing a thorough and complete customer history.

Titan CRM offers customised user-defined reports available for all to use

Automate much of these departmental interactions by creating workflows within the DMS, using multi-stage campaigns for maximising your revenue generators and managing customer follow up points. Choose one or all of the communication platforms at your disposal within the integrated CRM Central tool, and send SMS, generate letters, send E-mails and schedule calls for phone room staff.

Does your DMS currently automate processes like these?

  • SALES: When a new customer is entered, automatically send them an SMS within an hour of them leaving, thanking them for coming by; or flag a follow-up call 24 hours later against the original sales person.
  • SERVICE: Send a reminder SMS automatically to customers two weeks before their next scheduled service is due, or SMS them when their car is ready for collection.
  • PARTS: The moment a back-ordered part has arrived, automatically send the customer an SMS letting them know of its arrival.
  • ACCOUNTS: Flag overdue accounts for automatic follow up, or email suppliers with a change of banking details.
  • ONE OFF: In addition, you could prepare and send one-off messages: invite customers to a new vehicle launch; wish customers a cheerful time during the festive season; or advise customers of a 3-day runout sale.

The DMS is now a pro-active part of your marketing team, acting on automated DMS triggers and targeted campaigns to ensure that your customer contact is complete and consistent.



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