Case Study


Lanhams of Leeton, NSW, Australia

Stuart Lanham, Dealer Principal

Ford • Hyundai • Mahindra • Suzuki • Chery

Titan DMS is a system that’s very simple to use. It integrates all departments so simply that from a Dealer Principal’s point of view, you can look at any department and get all that information in one place.

For those who aren’t using Titan DMS, get on it now!

Everything that you hear about Titan DMS is true. I would go to meetings and hear about Titan doing this or that. Titan is worth the money and is the best thing we’ve done in our dealership in a long time.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - Stuart Lanham, Dealer Principal, Lanhams of Leeton, NSW, Australia

of Titan DMS


With our vehicles, we saw immediate results.

We noticed that due to Titan’s integration and invoicing, the cars came straight down the line, so we saved a lot of time with manual processing – stocking cars, putting all the information and invoices in.

This immediately cut a lot of those stages out – the car was here and the purchase order and repair order was done automatically.

Our previous system also had missed some cars due to some manual entry being missed – Titan’s process fixed this so now we never miss a car.

Why change DMS?

Some of the restrictions we had with Nova made us first look at changing our DMS. I spoke with other Dealers and they were all very pro-Titan.

We first heard about Titan initially through our existing relationship with Geoff (Titan Sales), but other Dealers were talking about Titan too.

In the end, the amount of integration and automation between Titan and the manufacturer was the big difference that caused us to choose Titan DMS.

Staff resistance

We went live on a Monday.

I had a spare parts manager who had only been with us for three months. Three weeks before go-live he kept asking if it was the right choice. He came to me at 5pm on go-live day to tell me that was the smoothest transition he’s ever had with a computer system change.

Even now, there was never a point where he came to me and said there was an issue.

We were expecting that we may have to revert back to a manual system, but there were no hiccups or issues at all. The transition was really simple and easy – much simpler than expected.

Titan support

On our previous DMS we had to submit a request for a number before we got to make a phone call.

Then we had to wait long periods of time on hold before we could even talk to someone.

The old system was very clunky.


With Titan, if we want something done it gets actioned instantly – we can jump on the phone and get it fixed then and there.

Otherwise, we can screen shot it and send it through to the support email which is just as quick and easy to use.

Plus, having the cheat sheets on the right-hand side within the system really helps too.

Training and implementation

The whole process was really easy.

When Titan first started the implementation process, there were some phone calls initially, and then a personal visit, then more discussions.


Titan’s training was good too. We’ve got two branches and Titan had people in both branches.

There were people dedicated to each department making it easy to have specialised training in each field. The parts and service guys were particularly well-versed.

Accountability and control

There’s no way you can manipulate the Titan DMS system like any of the other systems, so accountability of staff and control of efficiency is completely managed.

It is really easy to access the information in the system regarding reconciliation, so we now have good visibility to know where we are at with the Financial Controller.


Just being able to know where you are at now helps for the future of our business.

Titan is a leader in the DMS field, so they are definitely going to adapt with the changes in the industry, and I believe Titan will grow with the technological changes that are happening within the industry.

Titan will help keep us up to date with new products and keep us at the forefront.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - Stuart Lanham, Dealer Principal, Lanhams of Leeton, NSW, Australia
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