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Armstrong Massey, England, UK

Vicki Popely, Company Accountant


Titan is very easy to use, transparent and easy to access all kinds of information due to drill downs and reports.

Titan is excellent value for money.  We are very happy with what we have for what we pay.

Make the move -you wo’t regret it.

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UK - Armstrong Massey

After the initial month of install and accounts reconciliation, we have seen a marked improvement in all departments.



We just seem to have more time as the system is so easy to use, allowing us to focus on other things.



The ease of use to book a car in, add lines, technicians, then close and invoice is seamless.


The CRM has allowed us to manage our service and MOT reminders, with full communication history telling us what we sent and to who, and we can also report on this.



Coming from an old, clunky system to Titan has just made everything we do easier.


Everything has been sped up and we now have a full picture of the accounts thanks to the drill down abilities. We can now trust the figures the system is producing and the reporting is also excellent.

Why change DMS?

We had an old legacy system that was getting on for 30 years old so it was lacking in everything that you would expect for a modern computer system.

The final nail in the coffin was that the new Government “Make Tax Digital” scheme was not going to be available in our existing system.

Managing the change

Titan employees came up for the initial scoping visit and went through every department at both sites to ensure that all the relevant information was gathered to ensure a smooth change over.

The training was delivered on-site the week before live date and it was professional, concise and it worked for us.

We were very apprehensive about the transition to Titan, as I think all dealerships are. It went well – there were a few teething issues but as mentioned above, most of these were dealt with in a timely manner.

We would definitely make the same decision and install Titan again.

Titan support

We were very happy with the ‘go-live’ live weeks’ support from Titan staff. They handled nearly all issues and queries on the day.

The post ‘live’ support has been excellent. We get the phone answered quickly and the issues either dealt with on the phone or we are told when we will get a call back and the reason why.


From what we have seen so far, we believe that Titan DMS will continue to make life easier for us over the coming years – and save us a lot of money.

UK - Armstrong Massey
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