Titan Launches In Japan

23rd January 2024


Titan DMS is delighted to announce our launch into the Japanese automotive market. 

Establishing a wholly-owned local Titan subsidiary, led by Kazuhiro Shingyochi (“Shin”) in the role of Country Manager, the global Titan team is extremely excited about the opportunities for DMS growth in the land of the rising sun.

Shin brings extensive experience from over a decade as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Volkswagen in Japan. A highly regarded automotive executive, his local business & market knowledge will be invaluable as we look to grow our presence in this unique country.

To date, the complex structure of the Japanese automotive industry has ensured there are no significant third-party DMS suppliers in-market but we believe Titan is well positioned to change all that. OEMs in Japan often rely on internally developed complex DMS systems, so the flexibility inherent in the Titan DMS product positions it perfectly in an environment where adapting and updating individualised systems can be both costly and challenging.

“Entering the Japanese market is a significant milestone for Titan, and we are grateful for the opportunity it presents,” acknowledges Shin. “Our success in other Asian markets such as Thailand and Vietnam has equipped us with valuable insights and confidence that our DMS product is uniquely set up for success in Japan. Our product, our service-oriented and relationship-building approach to business, and our ability to integrate as a software provider will resonate with the demands of the Japanese automotive market.”

“It’s no secret the automotive landscape is changing fast and the Japanese market is at the forefront of many new developments. As the industry continues to challenge its IT and software to deliver improved customer experience, business insight, and support additional products, we believe consolidation in SaaS is inevitable to share the cost of development and establish best practices. That’s where the opportunity lies for Titan.”

The Titan DMS software launches with local language interface, full shaken and tenken capability (inspection), katashiki and ruibetsu (model and classification detailing), and local taxes, fees, and levy calculations. Titan also offers open APIs for flexible integration across existing OEMs and local market platforms.


Kazuhiro Shingyochi (“Shin”)

Country Manager – Japan

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Titan Launches In Japan
Titan DMS is delighted to announce our launch into the Japanese automotive market. 
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