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Titan Academy is a guided online learning and certification platform that ensures your team’s proficiency and consistency across core functions of the Titan dealer management system.

Our course-based resource ensures every team member has access to best practice learnings and guidance and managers can set courses and outcomes as part of role KPIs.

There are one hundred and sixty-four self-paced topics, each specifically designed to assist users with everyday tasks and processes within Titan DMS.

The full course list is available further down the page.

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Titan Academy offers an excellent interface for introducing users to the system and setting realistic expectations for its real-life application. Moreover, I personally found the app to be user-friendly and convenient.
Lyvonne Yap ...... - Financial Controller, Carplace, WA, Australia

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160+ Topics Available
Content Overview

Titan Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses to ensure every user has the expertise and skills to maximise their operation and return from our dealer management system.

The in-depth courses are designed for maximum engagement and recall and are accessible anytime, meaning they can be revisited for refresher training as required.

Content and courses will continue to evolve as the Titan products develop, ensuring you always have a current best-practice resource to rely on.

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Titan Academy Development

June Kim eLearning


Titan Academy has been created by June Kim, our eLearning Manager.

June has a Doctorate in Education Media and Technology from Boston University and many years of experience creating eLearning courses and multimedia training platforms for global businesses.

She joined Titan in 2022 to lead the development of our Titan Academy platform and ensure each component meets industry best practices; empowering users to maximise their returns from our dealer management system.

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Titan Academy complements the existing training resources Titan offers.


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