Built from the ground up

Here to change the automotive industry

The Automotive industry is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, largely dominated by aging technologies and a lack of innovation. Titan exists to drive the industry forward through advancements in creativity, usability and technology.

our story
the Titan difference
What sets us apart

When dealers think about a DMS, images of large, complex, expensive and difficult to use systems which have been built on old technologies and evolved from decades of additions and patches are generally conjured. Titan DMS is different. It has been designed and built from the ground up.

Designed by industry experts who have been thought leaders in business analysis in the automotive environment, and built by the most skilled technologists that modern development environments have to offer; Titan is not an evolution of aged systems and processes – it is technology and efficiency personified, and designed and built specifically for Automotive.

Humble beginnings

Titan started from a need to do better.

To bring technology and ease of use to dealer management systems, and to show just how efficiencies could be achieved through re-imagining dealer processes – things that had not been undertaken in the industry by DMS suppliers for many years.

humble beginnings

It was humble beginnings from a number of thought leaders that decided this was not only possible, but necessary.

The initial team behind Titan had been involved in previous dealer management systems and various technology projects. They re-imagined and created a DMS from initial whiteboard sessions instead of an existing product, which was not only the bravest decision made in recent times, but also the most fortunate.

From the first day of coding, the technology was designed to support multi-lingual capability and separation of specific business rules.

Titan has grown from the small Australian-based team, led by Managing Director, Matthew Kroll; into a global business that continues to win OEM level awards, and is held in the highest regard by industry consultants and dealerships alike.

Titan is synonymous with quality, functionality, and an innovative design ethos that sees it continue to attract the best talent in technology and automotive.

The result is a business and a brand, that whilst having earned its name through its achievements, is poised to achieve so much more through realising its potential.

We are our people. When you understand that innovation is as simple as allowing the creativity and dedication of exceptional people to find a route to market, you can create something special.
Matthew Kroll . - Managing Director, Titan DMS