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Our Culture

Dedicated to innovation

When Titan began, the team had a unified goal to provide the automotive industry with an innovative and leading dealer management solution that would rival not only current solutions within the industry but any software service in the world, thus catapulting the automotive industry into the 21st century and beyond.

A hunger for technology and drive for innovation has been at the core of the business since inception.

This hunger for technology and drive for innovation has been at the core of the business since inception. Whilst team growth derived from need, every person joining the Titan team had to have the same passion and drive for excellence toward this innovative and global software goal, serving as the foundation for success.

Whilst individuals play a specific role within Titan DMS, all outcomes are team driven, ensuring that every individual is supported and encouraged within the team.

Titan went back to the drawing board and reinvented what a DMS should be for now and in the future - a customer centric solution.
Dean Owen .. - Dealer Principal, Owen Toyota, NSW, Australia

Commitment to you and our people


We are our people.

Having worked within the industry in various capacities, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and burdens that our customers face every day.

This compassion and understanding drives us to provide innovative, creative and usable solutions to those working within the automotive industry.

We are a reflection of our customers.

We provide the highest level of customer service to retain the respect and support of those who use our product, so they can provide the same high level of service to their customers.

As we grow, so do our customers. It is through ongoing training and development of our staff that we are able to deliver a DMS that can perpetually improve and evolve, continually striving for greatness.

Titan DMS staff are motor industry people; not just I.T. people.
Scott Oehm . - Dealer Principal, Jupiter Motors, NSW, Australia